The Goddess of the Moon's reach knows no bounds. The reflections of light She gathers from the sun have grown more and more powerful. Her followers are so enamored by Her that they lay down their lives to defend Her lands and, in return, they are gifted with small artifacts of Her power in order to protect Her.

Di was born into this religion, raised to be the strongest and best of Her armies, and now has been called to action to defend The Goddess from the very lands she governs.

Bestowed upon Di are two daggers, infused with staggering amounts of Her powers. Utilize The Goddess of the Moon's gifts to shift between moon phases and alter your weapon to combat this dark, hostile land. Change between daggers of moonlight, a magical moon bow, and the ability to shield yourself and decrease gravity in order to search this dying planet, and find what - or who - is stealing Her powers.

Hurry, disciple. The Goddess needs you.

Moon Bound





Allise Bryant
Product Owner, Environment Artist, Content Modeler

Abbey Smith
Level Design, Programming

Yumeng Wen
Environment Artist, Tech Artist, Programming

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Update 5-28-17

Final build incoming for player testing! Keep an eye out for download links. :)

Any questions, comments, or interest can be directed to our facebook page, so don't be afraid to give it a like to keep up with progress and new builds as we begin this journey together. 

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Sarah McNamara
Product Owner, Art Director, Producer, Texture Artist

Tom McDonough
Level Design, Lead Programmer